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Bringing English Country Dancing to the community since the 1990s!

Who are we?

We are a volunteer-run, not-for-profit social dance group welcoming the community to share the joy of traditional live music and dancing. Dedicated to nurturing new talent, we hold traditional music sessions and musicians' workshops, callers' workshops, dance classes and special events as well as regular local dances. All welcome! No partner or dance experience is required.

What do we do?

English Country Dancing is the dance form of Shakespeare, Jane Austen and Napoleon. It is done in groups, with dancers weaving intricate patterns around each other to music ranging from lively jigs and reels to dreamy and hypnotic melodies. Today there are ECD communities around the world, including Australia, Europe, Canada, and the US.

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Saturday, June 6
with Tara Bolker calling, music by Get Your Coat

4.30-6 – Afternoon workshop for experienced dancers, taught by Tara Bolker.
For dancers who already have a solid basic knowledge of common ECD figures. The more experienced the attendees, the more challenging the material can be, so RSVPs will be useful in planning the workshop.

6 – set-up for community potluck supper
6.30-7.30 – supper break (please bring a dish to share; fancy or simple, all will be enjoyed!)

7.30-8 – English Country Dance basics class. New ECD dancers are strongly encouraged to attend this mini-lesson, and experienced dancers are welcome as dance angels
8-10.30 – Evening social dance for all with live music by Get Your Coat (Ben Bolker on fiddle and Gwen Harper on keyboard), calling by Tara Bolker

Afternoon dance workshop: 12/10.
Evening dance: 10/7/family rates.
Combination afternoon dance workshop plus evening dance: 20/15.
Potluck supper – no charge, but please bring some food to share, savoury or sweet.

For bulletins on our current and upcoming events (social dances, workshops and special events) please join us on Facebook and/or the mailing list.

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